Generative Adversarial Collaborations

A part of the Cognitive Computational Neuroscience conference series!

Community feedback and review is now open for the 2023 GAC proposals!

We have received two exciting proposals you can now comment on.

About the CCN GAC Project:

What are the most exciting challenges and controversies in cognitive computational neuroscience right now? How can we form feasible plans to solve them collaboratively? As part of the 2023 CCN Program, the CCN Program Committee is organizing the fourth installment of our innovative event type: the Generative Adversarial Collaborations (GACs). The goal of a CCN GAC is to identify, debate, and make concrete plans to address the most challenging, controversial, and exciting theoretical and empirical debates in our field.

We highly encourage the CCN community to actively engage in the CCN GAC online discussions throughout the summer preceding the CCN annual meeting, the in-person GAC workshops as part of the CCN annual meeting in August, and the ensuing GAC publications and solicited commentaries.

Selected CCN GAC proposals will participate in the following:

>> The 2020, 2021, and 2022 GAC position papers are now coming out in the Neurons, Behavior, Data analysis, and Theory special issue! <<

CCN GACs are organized by the CCN Program Committee - GAC subgroup: Gunnar Blohm, Benjamin Peters, and Megan Peters. Email questions to