2020 GACs in an NBDT Special Issue

The CCN Program Committee has arranged for the 2020 GAC position papers and commentaries to be collected into a Special Issue of the Neurons, Behavior, Data analysis, and Theory journal.

Preprints of the 2020 CCN GAC position pieces will be posted here as they are submitted:

Would you like to submit a commentary piece? Great!

>> commentaries are individually-citable and receive their own DOI! <<

Commentary Submission Instructions

  1. Read the relevant GAC position paper. They're all on preprint servers and preprints will be posted above as they are submitted.

  2. Write a commentary piece following a similar format to the Brain and Behavioral Sciences Open Peer Commentaries, but with everybody invited!

    • Commentaries should contain a short abstract of about 100 words describing the main contribution of the commentary.

    • The main commentary text should be about 500-1000 words long (excluding references & figure captions).

    • Commentaries should contribute to the discussion in a way that is not covered by the original GAC opinion paper.

  3. Submit your article to a preprint server (arXiv, bioRxiv, etc) and then submit to NBDT following their general submission instructions.

    • IMPORTANT! Please include “Generative Adversarial Collaboration (GAC)” and the name of the GAC you’d like to comment on (see above) in your keywords at submission. This will ensure it gets routed to the handling editors for this special issue, Megan Peters and/or Gunnar Blohm.

  4. Your commentary will be reviewed.

  5. If accepted (or revise-resubmit-accepted), your commentary will be published to accompany the main GAC position piece in the NBDT special issue. Commentaries receive their own unique DOI.